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Xinxing Ao International Kennel Club

Tibetan Mastiff Preservation

A Conservation Initiative to Preserve the Tibetan Mastiff
Free from influences of
Money, Property, Prestige or Personalities

TMPR’s sole purpose is to contribute to the preservation of the Aboriginal Tibetan Mastiff, Descendant Tibetan Mastiff, and the Bearded Tibetan Mastiff (all Dokhyi).

We intend to accomplish this purpose by:

Identify TMs by qualifying them through verifying pedigrees/characteristics via a fluid panel of consultants who have a specific knowledge of the Tibetan Mastiff.
Providing registration certificates to qualifying dogs.
Maintaining a pedigree record service that identifies the types separately.

Major all-breed pedigree registration services are not able to provide this type of conservation initiative because of their lack of specific knowledge about the Tibetan Mastiff or because of their reliance on clubs that may not be able to take this type of initiative.

It is TMPR’s mission to preserve and protect the Tibetan Mastiff breed from being genetically altered due to the corrupting influences of money, property, prestige and personalities. Our procedures of verification, registration and pedigree record keeping is designed to be free from these influences.

TMPR will not discriminate against any applicant for any reason. TMPR’s goal is to register as many qualified Aboriginal Tibetan Mastiffs, Descendant Tibetan Mastiffs, and Bearded Tibetan Mastiffs as possible in an effort to preserve the breed.

In the late 1990’s China began a period of economic prosperity that encouraged increased consumerism, especially in luxury items. Owning a Tibetan Mastiff became a symbol of prestige and wealth. Suddenly, TMs were in demand, especially those that seemed fierce and those that were large and had a voluminous coat. They were sold for thousands of dollars and a few were reportedly sold for over a million dollars.

To meet the expectations of consumers, market breeders started “enhancing” the TM by mating Tibetan Mastiffs with other standardized breeds that sometimes were unlike the TM. To drive sales of these “enhanced” dog, people were led to believe these were the “authentic” TM and the Aboriginal TMs from the Tibetan Plateau and Himalayan Mountains were “inferior”.

During the early years, breeders openly posted photos of the mating of TMs with other breeds. These mixed breed dogs were registered as TMs and have found their way out of China, first being adopted in Eastern Europe.

Recently, the Chinese Government restricted “excesses” and the “Tibetan Mastiff” fell out of favor. Breeders of these “enhanced” dogs (now registered as TMs) are selling them throughout the world due to the lack of a market in China. They are also making their way out of Eastern Europe (also registered as TMs).

These dogs are endangering the Tibetan Mastiff by adding the genetic characteristics of other standardized breeds to the gene pool.

We hope that breeders and owners who wish to preserve the Tibetan Mastiff will register their Aboriginal, Descendant, and Bearded TMs with us.

We think that having a substantial amount of dogs registered in TMPR will encourage those who have dogs whose genetic backgrounds have been heavily influenced by other standardized breeds, to register their dogs with our affiliated registration, the “Xinxing Ao International Kennel Club”.

This will enable us to separate these dogs and provide an alternative for those who made an investment in the “enhanced” dogs.

We hope to identify and register as large of a gene pool of Aboriginal, Descendant and Bearded Tibetan Mastiffs as is possible to give preservation breeders and other interested parties another resource to ensure the continuation of the TM in to the future.

We are also hoping to preserve the coat type of the Bearded Tibetan Mastiff. TMPR is aware that money, property, prestige, and personalities can corrupt a dog breed as evidenced by what happened to the TM in China. TMPR will never put money, property, prestige, or personalities above the preservation of the Tibetan Mastiff.

In other words, you can’t buy us with your money, promise us influence with your prestige, impress us with your property, charm us or turn us away with your personality.

When we register dogs they will be identified by type.

Aboriginal registration numbers begin with the letter A.
Descendant registration numbers begin with the letter D
Bearded registration numbers begin with the letter B.

Please see Registration Rules and Information for information about how offspring will be designated.

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TMPR is a not-for-profit sole proprietorship, world registration service for
Descendant Tibetan Mastiffs, Aboriginal Tibetan Mastiffs, and Bearded Tibetan Mastiffs.

Profits are used to maintain the registration service
And to promote the preservation of the Tibetan Mastiff.

Email: TMPreservationReg@yahoo.com
Phone: 269-317-2382 Country Code 1

Tibetan Mastiff Preservation Registry